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Luck of the Dragon - Susannah Scott image

You are mine.
Only what you want.
Only what you are ready for.

Alec is a dragon. But he’s not just any dragon. He’s the king of dragons and he has to find his mate. Without a mate, he’ll lose his dragon form and his kingdom.

Lucy is trying to save her brother. Her brother keeps getting into get quick schemes. Robbery, gambling, grifting, you name it, he does it. Lucy just wants to save him.

However you can control the actions of others, only your own actions.

I really enjoyed this story. Alec is an enigmatic character. Lucy tries so hard to save her unredeemable brother. She’s always putting herself last until she realizes that her brother will never change.

The attraction between Alec and Lucy was electric. Sparks flew. I did find the whole scene where he tells Lucy he’s a dragon funny. I don't want to give anything away, so you’ll just have to read it for yourself! I was chuckling though!

I really liked how Susannah Scott kept the legend of dragons and riches alive in this story. It really added to the depth of the story.

At the end, we were left with the impression this is not the end of the dragon shifter stories. I certainly hope there are more. I could definitely get into this!

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Shine Not Burn - Elle Casey image

Shine Not Burn turned out to be a surprisingly delightful story! Why am I surprised? I’ll tell you.

I figured any girl who went to Vegas, got married and didn’t remember, was TSTL (Too Stupid To Live). However, that is definitely not the case for Andie. She’s smart, determined and a brilliant lawyer. However, she sometimes misses the forest for the trees.

I was also surprised because I figured any guy that would marry a girl and then leave her for 2 years was a jerk. I was wrong. Mack isn’t a jerk. He’s wonderful.

Through a series of mishaps that could only happen on a Friends episode, Andie and Mack end up married, she doesn’t remember and they part for 2 years. Then Andie decides to marry someone else, only to find out she’s married. Off to Oregon she goes to sort this mess out.

Only, when she gets there, she sees Mack. Most of it comes rushing back, but not all of it. Then it’s game on. Mack refuses to let her go. He sets out to make her fall in love with him.

It was a surprisingly sweet and delightful story. And let me say, I love me some cowboys! Let’s go to Oregon! Woo Hoo!

Sweet November

Until November (Until series) - Aurora Rose Reynolds

Another badass Alpha-Male who meets his match!

Asher is all male. He’s also a man-whore. At least he is until he meets November. November is his downfall. As soon as he meets her, he goes all caveman on her and pursues her with a relentlessness that she’s helpless to resist.

November is new to town. She’s left New York and moved to Tennessee to be with her dad. She’s not used to being around people who love her and she’s been hurt before. To say she’s cautious is an understatement.

When November and Asher meet, sparks fly. There’s hands on hip, chest poking action. November doesn’t roll over and take Asher’s high handed tactics. She stands up to him and reads him the riot act.

When November’s apartment is broken into, Asher moved her in with him. November’s dad agrees with him and so, the relationship between Asher and November is jump started!

I have to admit, I loved this story from the very beginning. Even though November had people in her who loved her growing up, she didn’t let that stop her from enjoying the love her dad’s family was lavishing on her. She opened up and let them in.

I also liked that November didn’t let her past keep her from taking a chance on Asher. She had insecurities but it didn't overtake her personality or her relationship with Asher.

Asher was awesome. Complete caveman, complete with badass alpha-male tendencies. He reassured November when she needed and didn’t hesitate to put her in an Asher fog to get her compliant.

The mystery of the attack on November added a nice little spice to the story. I was a little surprised by the guilty party. Only a little because there were signs, I was just surprised the person went to the lengths they went to.

This is the first book in the series. We’ve already met several people who will be getting their own stories. It’s exciting to meet them and get to know them. I’m looking forward to the next stories.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Love Wick!

Fury of Desire - Coreene Callahan

Wick. Sweet, Adorable, Warm and Gushy on the inside and hard on the outside Wick, how do I love thee?

Oh, wait. This isn’t a poem to Wick, it’s a review of a book. I got lost for a minute there!

Fury of Desire is the newest Dragonfury book by Coreene Callahan. These Dragon Shifters are HOT HOT HOT! And Wick? He’s the hottest!

We’ve been watching Wick through all the Dragonfury stories. He’s a tortured soul who keeps to himself. He’s a wildcard and no one knows for sure what he’ll do. But they do know he’ll always be there when needed in battle.

J.J. is Taina’s sister and she’s in prison for murder. She’s up for parole, but one of the guards wants Taina. When Taina won’t play nice, he takes it out on J.J. Now her parole won’t happen.

Wick and the other Nightfuries break J.J. out of prison and so begins the relationship between J.J. and Wick. They both have issues. They both have needs. The both want each other.

J.J. sees underneath Wick’s hard as nails, tough exterior to the warm gooey filling inside. She’s relentless and understanding when it comes to Wick. Wick wants J.J. and hopes he’s not rejected by her.

Through all of this we have Ivar being bad (as usual). Ivar is gearing up for more bad behavior and he’s recruiting some newbies. There’s intrigue and espionage taking place over seas with the Dragon Council. Everything is gearing up for more trouble, dragon battles and of course, romance for the Nightfuries!

And then, we have the ever present complication and unexpected twist. It all adds up to a great story by Coreene Callahan. I can’t wait for the next one. I’m really hoping it’s Venom’s story!

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Hell's Knights - Bella Jewel

Warning: There are scenes of drug abuse, torture, rape, attempted suicide and extreme violence in this book.

Holy Shit! This is an intense story that will have you riveted from the very beginning. I picked up the book and finished it in one sitting. I could NOT put it down!

Addison’s story is gut-wrenching, heart-breaking and yet full of hope and promise. Addison has not had an easy life and that’s an understatement. She was abandoned by her dad at age 4, her mother is a drugged out whore whose pimp rapes Addison on a regular basis. The fact that Addison is relatively normal is a testament to her strength physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Cade is a badass biker whose history is sad and full of pain. He rude, crude and socially unacceptable! But once he meets Addison, all that rudeness and crudeness gets focused on Addison. He wants Addison and he’ll do anything to get her!

Addison is running for her life. She runs to her dad thinking he never wanted her. She runs thinking she can start over. She runs to find a new future. But things are not always what they seem. People aren’t what she thinks and she learns to trust and lean on others.

I loved Addison and Cade. They were wonderful together. He pushes her and she pushes right back. Add on top of all that Alpha-Male Badassness going on, the awesome sex and steamy connection to get one hell of a story that will keep you up!

But be warned. It’s not pretty. There’s no flowers, no candy and no romantic dates. It’s just down and dirty.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Worth the Fight - Vi Keeland image

Worth the Fight by Vi Keeland is definitely worth the read!

From the very beginning I was sucked into this amazing world. Nico and Elle are such a hot and amazing couple! It was hot and it was intense!

Elle is a lawyer who has fallen into a comfortable relationship with her friend William. It’s comfortable. It’s predictable. It’s boring. Then she meets Nico. He’s not comfortable. He’s not predictable. He’s not boring. Nico is everything William is not. William is refined and cultured. Nico is crude and a fighter.

Nico is everything girls want. He’s a bad-boy, he’s intense, and he puts Elle first. Elle is just as wonderful. She’s caring, kind, and wants to take care of everyone.

I loved everything about this book. Nico and Elle are amazing characters. They’re flawed and imperfect like real people. Neither one of them is perfect. They’re also moral. They have standards and live up to those standards.

Nico is awesome. He puts Elle first in everything. He goes after what he wants, but makes sure he’s not compromising himself or Elle. He’s a gentleman, even when everything in him is demanding he be a Neanderthal. Don’t get me wrong, he does have some Neanderthal moments! They just make him that much more loveable.

Elle is just as amazing. It’s obvious she cares about those around her. She does her best to take care of them and she’s a genuine person. She’s also a shitty liar for a lawyer (just ask Nico!).

These two get together and it’s intense. It’s hot, it’s wild, it’s wonderful! It’s everything you want from a story. Their imperfections just make them that much more wonderful. These imperfections and past traumas only add to the depth of the characters. It doesn’t consume them, it’s part of them. It’s also what makes their romance so hard.

Worth the Fight is definitely worth the read! I’m looking forward to the next one in the series. We’ve already met the main character for the next one and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Cage (Corps Security, #2) - Harper Sloan image

Cage is the second in the Corps Security Series and OMG! I LOVED it! Cage is hot, wonderful, sweet and OMG, can I keep him?

Melissa has worked to be independent. She’s taking care of her nephew, her mother and herself. She’s doing all this while battling to keep her nephew out the hands of his grandmother.

When Cage and Melissa meet, sparks fly! Melissa is a tough gal who won’t take any crap from anyone, including one of Cage’s easy girl floozy. There’s some serious throw-down going on with that one!

I really liked Cage. He was so sweet and badass at the same time. I thought it was hysterical that he kept getting blocked by his ex-floozy. Poor guy couldn’t catch a break! I liked Melissa stood up for herself to both the floozy and Cage.

The passion between Cage and Melissa was hot! I wanted to be a fly on the wall or even better, Melissa!

The interaction between Cage and Melissa was phenomenal. I love that she stood up to him and wouldn’t take any crap from him or others. Cage was great because he just thought she was all that much hotter for standing up to him.

Melissa is fiercely independent and stands on her own two feet. When she has to rely on someone for help, she leans on Cage. And boy does Cage deliver!

I must say I loved this book. I’m eagerly waiting for the next one!

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Stoneface - Tymber Dalton Tymber Dalton always seems to suck me and get me good! I was looking for a hot MMF menage and boy did I find it!

I did find it amusing that the female MC is an erotica author who writes about menage! I wonder how much of her is Tymber herself? Hmmmm..... And the one of the male MC's is a book store owner who writes reviews for his blog! I LOVED it!

I loved this story. We had so many things going on that is stays interesting from beginning to end but not so many as to confuse the story or the reader.

The secondary characters added a nice touch to the story. They all things going on as well and they did affect the MC's. Because we all know, when it rains it pours. We never get just one problem at a time. They all come down at once on us! Same things for these guys.

I will admit I thought Jack was a jerk. Granted, his emotional baggage was harsher than the others and he needed to face his demons. But he was still a jerk! I loved the way Tim handled Jack. He kept right on loving Jack even though Jack needed his ass kicked!

Gwen was awesome. I loved watching her and her brother learn to finally stand up to their parents. That's hard. No matter how old you are, they are your parents. It's hard to stand up to them.

But, once again Tymber Dalton made me cry. I'm telling you, invest in Kleenex. At the rate I read her books, you'll make a fortune!
Forever Broken - Evangeline Anderson It's a familiar tale. It's the Montagues and Capulets. It's the Sharks and the jets.

The difference this time? It's two men. One is a vampire and one is a shapeshifter (wolf). They're two kind hate each other. But one touch and the vamp knows he's met his heart's blood.

I liked this story. It was interesting. It wasn't just they're from two different worlds creating the problem. They each had problems in their own world that compounded the problem. They had to fight through those personal problem as well as the problems between their worlds.

Nothing worth having is ever easy and that's true in this case as well.

Evangeline Anderson did a great job of building a paranormal world that lived inside the real world. I liked her take on both the vamps and shifters. They're were some common themes to those two species that kept it within the norm for the reader without being just like every other story. There were some unique traits to both her vamps and shifters. That made it more interesting for me.
Bightmares - Tymber Dalton image

Bightmares continues the story of the characters we met in Love at First Bight. Everyone is settling into their roles, both on the ship and with each other. They get called out to handle a distress signal and end up fighting to keep their lives!

There’s a very nice tie-in to the first novel with this story. We only got snippets of life for Aaron, Caph and Ford prior to them meeting and joining with Emilia. That part of their lives is interwoven throughout this series and it adds a depth not only to the characters but to the story as well. Their lives from before Emilia continue to impact their lives together now.

There was some very nice tension in this story. I will admit I figured out one element of the problem early on. I didn’t have the full solution until the very end though. It was a very intriguing complication!
Love at First Bight - Tymber Dalton image

Ahhh….Science Fiction. I’m a closet nerd and Trekkie! LOL! Add in a hot ménage story with some M/M action and I'M ALL IN!!

It’s the future. Man is exploring deep space. We have a space station, a station on Mars and interstellar treaties with other species. We can travel light years in the blink of an eye.

Love at First Bight introduces us to the main characters of this series. In fact the series sticks with the same characters throughout. They just find themselves in some unique and harrowing situations!

I was hooked on Love at First Bight from the very beginning. The world created by Tymber Dalton was amazing. I was intrigued by the way things work in this world. The open and accepting nature of everyone along with the job benefits available? Oh My! Get ready to want to go to the future!

Aaron, Caph, Ford and Emilia are all loveable and compliment each other so well. They are truly meant to be together. At one point in this book I was crying crocodile tears. I was so into the story and the characters meant so much to me. I was ready to throw my e-reader across the room! I couldn’t believe this was happening! Then the twist came. OMFG! Really? It was a phenomenal twist and made the story that much better!
Spider Bight - Tymber Dalton image

Spiderbight picks up right where Bightmares leaves off. This poor crew can’t get a break for anything!

In Spiderbight we get to meet some of the other species that are in space. Their views and how they handle things are very different from us. It creates some problems for the crew and they end up in a pretty bad situation.

While all of the stories in this series are erotic (duh…it’s Tymber Dalton), this one was far more graphic than the others. There were some situations in this one that can easily make some uncomfortable. Boundaries will definitely be stretched in this one. We have dubious-consent and some non-con involved in this one, so be warned!

Even though we meet a new species in this one, the story was pretty straightforward. There wasn’t as much suspense in this one as the others. Even without the suspense, it did provide for some pretty tense moments!
Out of Bight, Out of Mind - Tymber Dalton image

Out of Sight, Out of Mind continues the story of Emilia, Aaron, Caph and Ford. They’re once again off into deep space. This time they pick up a new crew member. Emilia does not like this crew member. He creeps her out and she wants nothing to do with him. Unfortunately Aaron, Caph and Ford don’t have the creepy vibe from him. Could be the whole empathy thing!

Sure enough, Emilia is right and they end up in a REALLY bad situation (again). This time Emilia if fighting for her life. Aaron, Caph and Ford are racing to try to save her. They can’t lose another person they love. It would destroy them all.

The tension in this one was intense. I felt for Emilia the entire time. I was on the edge of my seat and couldn’t believe what was going on. I was horrified for Emilia and really wanted to smack Aaron upside the head with a two-by-four!

By the end of the story I was heartbroken for the crew while at the same time I was rejoicing for them. It’s an interesting dynamic. I loved the new species we met. They were probably the most interesting of all we’ve met so far (IMHO).

This series is definitely worth reading! I’m also thrilled to find out that Tymber Dalton is planning at least one more for this series. It’s been great fun following the same characters throughout the series. Watching them grow as a family and individually has been fun. Bring on the next one!
Ten Tiny Breaths - K.A. Tucker image

Ten tiny breaths…..Seize them. Feel them. Love them.

One moment in time.
One bad decision.
Lives changed forever.
One moment in time.
One bad decision.

Ten tiny breaths….Seize them. Feel them. Love them.

I will be the first one to admit that I had a love/hate relationship with this book until about halfway. Then, all of the sudden, I was like OMFG! Seriously? OMFG!

It’s hard for me to write this without giving anything away. I can’t tell you. If I do, it will lessen the impact when you read it. And you HAVE TO READ IT!!

Kasey and Livie are running. They’re running from their creepy uncle. Kasey is determined to take care of Livie. She has to. Their parents are dead and their uncle is a creeper.

Kasey will do anything for Livie.

Kasey meets their next door neighbor, Trent. He slowly wiggles his way into Kasey’s life and past all her barriers. Little does Kasey know her life is about to come crumbling down again.

Kasey is a strong, independent and hurting woman. She needs help but doesn’t realize it. She keeps people at a distance.

Trent is perfect. Or so he seems. Sometimes you just can’t tell can you?

K.A. Tucker did an amazing job with this story. It was heart-wrenching and full of hope all at the same time. We all have things we have to get through. Kasey shows us we can survive. We can learn. We can let go.
The Viscount's Vow - Collette Cameron image

You know, it’s funny. London in the 1800’s is full of polite society. Act this way, be this way, dress this way. Anything that meet with the standards of polite society are shunned, made fun of, gossiped about, in general, thought to be less than everyone else.

Evangeline suffers from that problem. She’s part Roma, or gypsy. As a result those in polite society gossip about her and call her loose. Even though she’s followed all the rules, the men continue to say she loose and the women are just harridans! It’s awful!

Ian has come to London to avenge the death of his brother and father. He’s been told by his step-mother and sister that Evangeline is responsible for their deaths AND she stole away his sister’s beau. Due to his honor, he ends up married to Evangeline and risking everything to protect her.

In many ways Ian was lovable. While I did love him, I also wanted to smack him on the head! He needed a serious wake-up call. He did get that wake-up call unfortunately it came a bit too late. Part of his lovability was his honor. He wanted to believe in the goodness of others. Part of the reason I wanted to smack him upside the head was his ability to believe in the good of others. That ability to believe in the goodness of others cost both Ian and Evangeline.

Evangeline was an interesting character. Her Roma heritage managed to give her a positive outlook when most of us would have only expected the worst. It also gave her the ability to look at what was going on around her and listen with her heart. Unfortunately it also cost her dearly.

Many lessons can be learned from the characters in this book. Look for the good in others. Watch the actions of others to learn their true intent. Forgive each other. Love with your whole heart.

I really enjoyed this story. Collette Cameron has quickly become one of my favorite historical romance authors!

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Beneath the Surface - M.A. Stacie image

HOT! HOT! HOT! I loved this book. The story was hot, Kyran is hot, the sex was hot. Basically, it was hot!

Kyran is not your typical millionaire CEO. He has a secret. Only Dale has discovered that secret. Not only does she know his secret, she doesn’t put up with his crap. She gives as good she gets. He’s used to getting his way, but then so is Dale.

I like the idea of the millionaire getting the girl. They can do things no one else can. It makes the fantasy more fun to me. Of course, they’re alpha men and most of the time they’re jerks. Yep. Jerks. Well guess what? Kyran is a jerk too. But he is redeemable. He has his faults, but when it comes to Dale, he just can’t help it!

When Dale and Kyran fall into a sex-only relationship, you know it won’t stay that way. Kyran insists on “no labels”. However, by not labeling something, you’re labeling it. Men are so dumb sometimes! Dale refuses to be used by Kyran, so she stands up to him. She’s also brave enough to walk away when she needs to.

Kyran has more familial issues to work through than you could ever imagine. Of course Dale sees them. Well, at least some of them. Not only does she have her eyes open, she’s not afraid to call Kyran on the carpet for it.

One of the most refreshing things about this story? Dale has been hurt. We all have. But Dale didn’t let that stop her from enjoying life and having fun. She didn’t hold her past lovers faults against Kyran. She didn’t put those jerks past sins on him.

There was so much to love about this story and I think love it all! Not only is it a great story, it was a quick read. We had the right amount of angst, drama, loving and hot smexy scenes!