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Fury of Desire - Coreene Callahan

Wick. Sweet, Adorable, Warm and Gushy on the inside and hard on the outside Wick, how do I love thee?

Oh, wait. This isn’t a poem to Wick, it’s a review of a book. I got lost for a minute there!

Fury of Desire is the newest Dragonfury book by Coreene Callahan. These Dragon Shifters are HOT HOT HOT! And Wick? He’s the hottest!

We’ve been watching Wick through all the Dragonfury stories. He’s a tortured soul who keeps to himself. He’s a wildcard and no one knows for sure what he’ll do. But they do know he’ll always be there when needed in battle.

J.J. is Taina’s sister and she’s in prison for murder. She’s up for parole, but one of the guards wants Taina. When Taina won’t play nice, he takes it out on J.J. Now her parole won’t happen.

Wick and the other Nightfuries break J.J. out of prison and so begins the relationship between J.J. and Wick. They both have issues. They both have needs. The both want each other.

J.J. sees underneath Wick’s hard as nails, tough exterior to the warm gooey filling inside. She’s relentless and understanding when it comes to Wick. Wick wants J.J. and hopes he’s not rejected by her.

Through all of this we have Ivar being bad (as usual). Ivar is gearing up for more bad behavior and he’s recruiting some newbies. There’s intrigue and espionage taking place over seas with the Dragon Council. Everything is gearing up for more trouble, dragon battles and of course, romance for the Nightfuries!

And then, we have the ever present complication and unexpected twist. It all adds up to a great story by Coreene Callahan. I can’t wait for the next one. I’m really hoping it’s Venom’s story!

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.