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Dear Sir, I'm Yours - Joely Sue Burkhart Oh wow…..I just loved this book. It’s an amazingly good story!

Rae was a student in Dr. Connagher’s English class. After flirting and tempting Dr. Connagher all semester, they both gave in to temptation and he bent her over his desk and spanked her. Rae really liked it. In fact she liked it too much and she ran away from him. Five years later, they meet again. The passion and temptation burns just as bright.

Conn pined for Rae for five years and looked all over for her. It was is grandmother, Miss Belle, and her sneaky ways that finally brought them together again. Rae is terrified of losing herself again. During the five years away from Conn she married another man and lost herself to him as he abused her emotionally and physically. She finally broke away from that. Conn is an alpha male who likes to be in control. Rae is terrified she’ll lose herself to Conn the way she did to her ex. Conn does everything he can to win Rae’s trust and show her they’re meant to be together.

While this story has an element of BDSM in it, it’s very light. The story is more about breaking down Rae’s barriers and getting her to trust Conn. It’s a sweet love story that will tug at your heartstrings. Miss Belle provides all the comedic relief. Miss Belle is the type of woman I want to be when I get old and have grandchildren! She’s a riot and definite asset to this story.

The story flows really well and I enjoyed every minute of it. Rae and Conn’s love and attraction is the stuff of legends. I really enjoyed learning about Rae’s background through the letters she wrote Conn while they were apart from each other. It was a nice way to learn about Rae and what made her tick. I liked this method of delivery much more than flashbacks. She never mailed these letters to Conn but it was cathartic for her and provided the reader with her background. Once Conn got his hands on those letters, it gave him the information he needed to better understand Rae.

I really liked the fact that Rae and Conn had to fight for through her insecurities. It wasn’t a let’s talk once and everything was OK. There were set backs they had to work through. Conn made mistakes and had to prove to Rae that he could learn from them and she had to learn to let go. It was nice because it was more realistic than many of these I’ve read.

This is a wonderful story and I really liked it! It’s the first in a series and I can’t wait to dive into the books that follow!

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