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Demon Hunting in the Deep South - Lexi George Follow this review and others at http://www.mysecretromancebookreviews.com/

This was a pretty interesting read for me. I’m from the south and found a certain familiarity with the sayings used in the book, as they are truly southern sayings! Things like bless your heart, son of a biscuit eater, and crappydoodle all remind me of home and they appear all over this book! It was awesome.

I also really liked how Ansgar and Brand (the demon hunters) spoke with a different cadence and structure. It really lent credibility to the fact that they were from another place and were thousands of years old. It was funny to get the inside thoughts running through their heads as they translated what people were saying to them.

The romance between Ansgar and Evie was fabulous. Evie knew subconsciously that she and Ansgar had known each other for far longer than the few days she remembered. Her body remembered. My heart did break for her when she finally regained her memories and learned Ansgar had taken them from her. He wanted to keep her from being in pain when he left but all he ended up doing was pissing her off.

The neat thing about Evie getting pissed off, was watching her come out of her shell. She grew up being made fun of and people calling her names. Seeing her come out of that shell and stand up for herself was awesome. It was also neat to see her realize what a beautiful and vibrant woman she really was.

Through it all there is the murder to solve. Evie’s been accused of killing Meredith, her boss’s harpie wife. The interaction of the ghost of Meredith and Evie had me laughing as Evie finally stood up to Meredith told her to back off. It was also funny to watch Trey (Evie’s boss) be haunted by his dead wife!

The mystery of the murder is wrapped up in quite a few twists and turns. I was not expecting the murderer to be who it was. I was also not expecting the resolution to that. It was quite a surprise for me. I liked the surprise of the murder resolution as I don’t like predictable outcomes!

When I first started reading this book I did not realize it was the second in a series. It was obvious I had missed a few things but this story still stood on it’s own. I had no problems following this book. I have every intention of going back to read the first one!

There is obviously going to be a third story in this series. There was a little bit of a cliffhanger at the end and I fully intend to check it out.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.