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A Demon Made Me Do It - Penelope King Young adult novels are not my usual read. I like my stories to have a bit more edge to them in either the romance department or the suspense/mystery department. A Demon Made Me Do It manages to fill my need for more edge. This was a really good book and I couldn’t put it down once I started it. However, real life got in the way and it took me few days to read it.

Ms. King weaves a wonderful story set in rural Virginia. Liora/Lucky, Kiernon, and Bones are loveable, even thought they’re demons, enigmatic characters. Liora/Lucky are truly two people inside of one and Ms. King did a fantastic job of building each person’s personality, quirks and flaws included.

I don’t typically like books that change POV but this story was different in that regard. Switching between Liora and Lucky made sense and built the story in unbelievable and imaginative ways. Even though the chapters switched between Liora and Lucky it wasn’t really changing POV since they were both the same person, yet different.

Kiernon was a very nice touch to the story since he could travel in both worlds, human and demon. His love and devotion to both Liora and Lucky was touching and managed to heal them both.

This is a touching story with a bit of bad-ass thrown in. I held back on giving it 5 stars since I like a little more spice and steam in my romances. I realize it’s a YA novel and the amount spice and steam was appropriate for a YA novel, but I still want my spice and steam.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.