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Give Me Romance

Deadly Offerings - Alexa Grace I was lucky enough to pick this book up from Amazon for FREE! I just checked and it's still free on Amazon! I recommend picking it up!

Alexa Grace is an Indie Author and I'm so glad I found this book. It's a great start to a new trilogy. I really liked all the characters in the book and found the story enjoyable and fast paced. While there were some lulls in the investigation of the murders, there were no lulls in the story. It followed what typically happens in these types of investigations.

I found Michael to be hot and dreamy and perfect. That right there tells you he's fictional! Anne was just as wonderful. She's independent and sassy without being snarky or bitchy. She stands on her two feet but also knows when to ask for help (most of the time).

I really liked the way the romance developed between them. It felt natural and fun.

They mystery was interesting in itself. I was surprised by who the killer was. I had no clue what the connection was until Anne made it. I really liked how Alexa didn't try to make it look like Michael was killer. That was refreshing!

I'm excited to read the next book in the trilogy. I'm excited to read about Lance and Frankie!