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The Virgin Huntress - Victoria Vane Once again Victoria Vane has done an amazing job! I love the Devil DeVere and the predicaments those around him get into. Vesta is an impetuous girl (woman) who is about to have her coming out season. She is now a woman of marriageable age. She sees Hew DeVere and immediately decides he’s the one for her. Hew, on the other hand wants a calm, proper wife. Whatever will Vesta do?
I found myself alternating between amusement and frustration at Vesta’s antics. One moment she was pulling outlandish stunts to get Hew’s attention and then the next she was acting like a spoiled brat. Even though I found her frustrating at times, she simply acting like a young woman who just needs a little more time to grow up. She is, through it all very loveable and I found myself cheering her on in her pursuit of Hew.
Hew was old before his time. He desperately needs someone like Vesta. Someone with passion for life and a no holds barred attitude. I found Hew’s plight to be comical as he fought his feelings for Vesta. He’s a war hero who needs to lighten up!
I thoroughly enjoyed The Virgin Huntress. This novella is quick read as the story flows nicely and keeps the reader flipping pages to find out what happens next. I am ready for the next Devil DeVere book and can’t wait to see what those around him get into next. I am most eagerly awaiting for Devil himself to get ensnared and find out how hard he falls!

I received a copy of this book from author in exchange for an honest review.