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Findley's Lass - Suzan Tisdale I LOVED Findley's Lass. Suzan Tisdale has done an amazing job of building a world from long ago and sucking you in!

Findley's Lass actually begins in Laiden's Daughter. However, you do not have to read Laiden's Daughter in order to follow Findley's Lass. It stands on it's own. The advantage to reading Laiden's Daughter first is you've met the other characters in the story and have some background on Findley.

Suzan has created characters that you love. You find yourself rooting for them, crying for them, and cheering when they get what they want. Maggy is a strong woman, fighting to live in a man's world. She does all of this without being a harpy or bitchy. She takes what life has given her and does the very best she can. She's not afraid to fight for her kids and will do what she must in order to protect them.

Findley is an honorable man. He'll falls for Maggy and decides to take care of her. The only problem is he has to find her first. Once he does, he just has to convince her to let him in. On top of that, he has to rescue Maggy's son, keep Maggy from being forced into marriage with a brute, and oh yeah, keep a war from starting. All in a day's work for a highlander!

I love this series and I'm eagerly awaiting the next one!