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Point of Retreat (Slammed, #2) - Colleen Hoover Follow this review and others at http://www.mysecretromancebookreviews.com/

Point of Retreat is a wonderful continuation of Slammed. It picks up a few short months after Slammed ends and continues the beautiful story of Will and Lake. The difference this time is that it’s told from Will’s POV. I found this to be refreshing and welcome, as I loved getting into Will’s head this time around.

Will and Lake are dealing with the aftermath of Julia’s death. Lake has taken on responsibility for Kel and Will is still raising Caulder. The one obstacle that was keeping Will and Lake apart is no longer an issue, so they’ve been able to BE a couple.

Enter Vaughn, Will’s ex-girlfriend. I found myself yelling at Will for doing what all men do, decide it doesn’t matter and not tell Lake. He KNEW it mattered. He just chose to believe it didn’t, so he kept it quiet.

While it created problems between Will and Lake, I think it actually turned out for the best. Lake’s mom told her to question everything. That’s what Lake did. That questioning made Will realize that while he did love Lake for so many reasons, he had never TOLD her the reasons why he loved her. He had to show it was more than their circumstances. I believe this caused their relationship to become stronger than it was.

One of the things I liked about both of Colleen’s books (Slammed and Point of Retreat) was the discussion of sex. Sex was not ignored. The book discussed the attraction and how they dealt with it. This is a natural extension of any relationship and not ignoring that aspect gave the relationship in the book so much more depth. I like that she discussed the feelings, heavy petting, and attraction.

The addition of Kierston to the story provided some much needed comedic relief. Kierston’s mother provided Will and Lake with maternal advice and guidance. They were both a fabulous addition to the story.

I’m very excited about this series and I’m looking forward to the next book, which is due to be released in 2013.