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Give Me Romance

Birthday Games (Spy Games, #1.5) - Mia Downing Birthday Games continues the story of Jake, Chase and Kate. Kate decides to give Jake a threesome for his birthday. Jakes comes to realize he loves Kate, even though she's married to Chase. He also realizes he's tired of being a man-whore.

This was a nice interlude and was quite hot! It does a nice job of setting up the next story. We are introduced to Tia (although she's not in this book, she is discussed). Tia is Jake's new fling in the next book. It also sets up the next mission for Jake.

I have a feeling we're also being set up to get Charlotte's story. We met Charlotte in the first book and will most likely be seeing more of her in the next one. I'm REALLY hoping we get Charlotte's story at some point.

A copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.