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OMG! Someone needs to reach in the book and slap both Keira and Kellan. Keira cheated on her boyfriend with his best friend Kellan. Kellan is a slime bag. Yes, I know, he had a less than stellar childhood, but that is no excuse. The only person I feel anything other than disgust for is Denny. He’s the innocent one in this and he got hurt so bad. Better now than after he married the little ho bag!

I can’t stand cheating. I knew there was a love triangle in this story but I did not think it would involve cheating. In fact, the entire book was just one long cheat fest. If you don’t like cheating, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!!!

Keira is a ho bag! I love Denny, I chose him. No. Wait. I love Kellan, I chose him. No wait, I need more time. I chose Denny. No wait, I can’t live without you Kellan, I chose you. GROW THE F UP!

I found myself getting bored with the book because I felt it was the same thing over and over. Sleep with Denny, then spend the day snuggling with Kellan. Now I’ll sleep with Kellan and now go sleep with Denny. I wanted a little more tension, pizazz, something.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.