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Bound By Desire - Rebecca Lyndon image

This was definitely not what I was expecting! But man, oh man, was it ever HOT HOT HOT! When the blurb said demon, I was expecting a demon. What I got instead, was a Super-HOT, Super-Sexy, Alpha male who needs to be released! Mmmmmmm……..

Sarah McIntire was a fantastic heroine. She’s smart, sexy, and faces things head-on. She knows to take things carefully, but she also knows you have to face things head on. That’s what she does with super sexy Grant.

Grant needs a vet and gets Sarah. When she’s there past sundown, she gets to meet the inner-Grant. And boy howdy is he hot! He releases desires she’s kept hidden. At the same time, she forces Grant to face his fears and realize he can have a happily ever after. The question is: Will he take the chance?

Grant is domineering and dominant! He’s considerate and forceful at the same time. It just makes him all that much hotter! Sarah submits to him as she could no other. The only question that remains is will it last?

I highly recommend this short-story. It’s hot and insightful. You’ll be glad you did!

A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.