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Lisa Renee Jones is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors! Her stories are hot and suspenseful! The men are hot and the heroines are strong without being bitchy!

Lauren works high profile murder cases at the District Attorney’s Office. Royce is an ex-FBI agent who checks into threats made to Lauren as a favor to her dad. When they get thrown together, things get hot between the sheets!

I really liked Royce. He’s a hot alpha male who takes charge of situations and is a little bit (a lot) bossy. When called on his bossiness, he was willing to try to not be so bossy. Since it’s just his nature to be bossy, it never lasted long. Lauren is a strong professional woman who needs a little protecting. She was vulnerable without being wimpy and clingy. Even though she had been hurt before, she was still willing to take a chance on Royce.

Royce and Lauren were both great characters. They were strong and made mistakes. But they were also willing to put their feeling out there for the other person. I wasn’t banging my head in frustration at them. In fact, I was rooting for them and cheering them on.

The suspense in the book was awesome. The threats could have been coming from any number of people and while some people were definite front-runners, it was not easy to figure out. In fact, I was surprised by who was the guilty party.

This is a great beginning to the series and I look forward to reading the next ones!