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Give Me Romance

Defying Pack Law (Pack, #1) - Eve Langlais I really enjoyed this one. Pretty hot read with lots of tension building up to the "get together". For John and Kody there was a little love at first sight when they met Dana. Nathan and Dana had 12 years of separation and lost love fueling their desire.

Nathan was awesome. He's alpha of the pack and definitely a caveman. No matter what he does, he just keeps messing up with Dana. If he wasn't so pig-headed I would have felt sorry for him.

John and Kody were the perfect foil for Nathan. Kody is young and fun-loving, easy going. John is soothing balm to Dana and tempers Nathan. It doesn't hurt that John will gladly beat the snot out of Nathan for being as ass.

It wasn't easy for them reach multimate status but once they did, it was hot!