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Give Me Romance

No Turning Back - Tiffany A. Snow This was a very nice surprise! I was expecting a romance with a little suspense in it. Instead I got a very nice suspense with some romance and hot sex in it!

Kathleen Turner (no not that Kathleen Turner) gets caught up in a mystery where people are dying to keep secrets safe. She's in way over her head!

Blane Kirk is a partner in her law firm. He's not a nice man (so he says). Kathleen is attracted to him but can she trust him? He says he's trying to protect her, but is he really?

Dane Kinnon is hot and sexy as hell. He's dangerous and keeps showing up at all the right (or wrong?) times. Can she trust him? Will he hurt her or help her?

There wasn't much that was straightforward about this story. It had some very nice surprises, some awesome action scenes and some sexual tension that would make anyone shiver.

I had a hard time figuring Blane out. His motives weren't cut and dried to me and that made him all the more fabulous! Dane was just as complicated. Kathleen is a riot. She's in way over her head but she refuses to back down. She has a sense of right and wrong and refuses to not do anything.

Only one thing really puzzled me in the story. After an attempt on Kathleen's life, they let her go back to her apartment. That confused me. Those that wanted her dead knew where she lived. Once they found out she was alive, they would come for her. I was surprised they just let her go home un protected. This was the only area I was thrown by in the book.

Great read and I'm looking forward to the next on in the series.