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Give Me Romance

Damaged Goods - Lainey Reese image

There are so many wonderful words that can be used to describe this wonderful story. It’s a mystery, suspenseful, erotic love story between a Dom and his sub. Brice is a homicide detective trying to figure out who’s killing the single women of New York. Terryn is Brice’s new sub and he desperately wants to keep her safe.

This was a wonderful love story between Brice and Terryn. Surrounding that story is the mystery of the serial killer. Brice is assigned to the cases and he’s determined to find the psycho and put him behind bars. Terryn, unfortunately, knows all the victims and is being crushed by her grief. Brice helps her through that grief. At the same time, he’s teaching Terryn what it means to be his submissive. While Terryn is a new subbie, the story doesn’t focus on Brice’s training of her. Instead it focuses on their love story and time together.

The connection between Brice and Terryn is strong. Part of that is the threat that comes to Terryn and her friends. Brice is a Dom and a cop. He feels the need to protect those around him. He keeps Terryn close and keeps her busy! The scenes between them are hot and sexy!

Lainey Reese managed to write a hot erotic story and a wonderful mystery all in one. I’m loving this series and I can’t wait to read more. I think we have met the next Dom to get his story. I hope so, cuz he was HOT in this story, so I can only imagine how hot he’ll be in his own story!