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Give Me Romance

Copping To It - Ava Meyers This was a short erotic read. Claire is a reporter watching a gang and trying to get a story. Ty is an undercover cop trying to bust up the gang. When Claire gets caught spying on the gang, she's given to Ty. Ty has to "prove" he's one of the gang while shutting Claire up.

I found the plot of having to get a blow job in front of the rest of the gang to be a bit of a stretch for me. Then the reason Jed (the second in command) gave for letting Claire and Ty go an even bigger stretch. It just didn't feel real to me. It was also too much of a stretch for the bug to have been planted on Claire's skin without anyone realizing it, especially since she got naked with Ty.

The sex was pretty hot and enjoyable. I did get a bit skeeved out with them being in the warehouse. Luke joining Ty and Claire was awesome!