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Up All Night in Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado, #6.5) - Sophie Oak You want mommy-porn? Then this is the story for you!

I love Bliss, Colorado. It has so many wonderful, zany characters and all of them are lovable!

Callie had twins a few months ago and Zane and Nate haven't touched her since before the babies were born. She's depressed and worried they don't want her. The men are waiting for Callie to be ready.

Finally, they take action and whisk Callie off to Stef's playroom for a night of wild-monkey sex!

I loved this story. Every woman who's had a child knows exactly how Callie feels. The fact that the men take action and show her she's more than a mom, she's still their little sex-toy just makes it perfect!