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The thrill of young love. A romance that should have lasted forever, but ended with the summer. My favorite mistake.

Kat Harper falls in love with her brother’s best friend Bryan. They spend the summer going to movies and hiding their romance from her brother. They fall in love. But then, for no reason, Bryan breaks it off with Kat. “I have to go.” That’s all she gets. No explanation. No apologies. Nothing.

Five years later she’s matched with Bryan as her mentor for a class she needs to graduate with her MBA. How can she survive being around him? How can she do this?

Lauren Blakely’s story Caught Up in Us is the sweet romantic story of Kat and Bryan. There’s a bit of a taboo element since Bryan is Kat’s mentor for a class. But, she doesn’t work for him and they’re both consenting adults, so nothing seriously taboo. There’s no angst, there’s nothing overly emotional about this story. It’s just a sweet love story. Love denied. Love found again. Love denied. Again. Just when Kat thinks she’s going to finally get the boy of her dreams. She finds out everything has a price.

I was really hoping for more on the whole brother’s best friend falling for the little sister theme. I love those! For Caught Up in Us, it simply provides a way for Kat and Bryan to meet. But, oh, what a way to meet!

Favorite Quote:

“If I were a rock star, I’d have Taylor Swifted him and written one of those anthemic I don’t love you anymore songs.”

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.