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Give Me Romance

New York (The Nightlife, #1) - Travis Luedke I love vampire stories. The variations on vampires never ceases to amaze me. Travis Luedke brings a slightly different view on vampires than ones I've seen before. They're not immortal, but they age at a very slow rate. The must take small sips of blood, never for very long. These are just a few of the things that are different. Other attributes these vampires have are similar to others I've seen before.

I found Michelle and Aaron interesting. Aaron "loves" Michelle. But I have to question if it's really love or more of Stockholm Syndrome? Can you truly love someone when they have absolute power over you?

Michelle was not the likable to me in the beginning. She's arrogant, snotty and uncaring in many ways. By the end of the book she had grown a bit more on me. I'm hoping that she'll grow even more on me in The Nightlife: Las Vegas.