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Give Me Romance

Covert Seduction - Callie Croix image

Mmmmm…..mmmmm…..mmmmmmmm…..Men in Uniform…..Mmmmm….Does it get any better than that? Only if it’s a HOT HOT Navy SEAL! Mmmmmm…….

Reid Galvin is a Navy SEAL who’s been in a war zone for quite a while. He’s watched friends die and come close himself. All he wants to do is go home to Becca. Only, he’s not sure Becca will be waiting on him. He’s screwed up one too many times.

Becca has decided Reid has moved on. So, she’s trying to move on as well. As she heads out for date, Reid calls her and wants to see her. He’s back in town. As much as Becca wants to stay home and see Reid, she goes on her date anyway, only to find herself fighting for her life. Reid appears and pulls her to safety, for now. But the threat to Becca isn’t over and Reid is determined to win her back and keep her safe.

The passion between Reid and Becca was unbelievably hot and spicy. It was amazing. Reid took the time to make sure Becca’s fantasy was played out to the fullest. He was hot and he made her even hotter! On top of that he was concerned with making sure she knew how he felt about her. He realized that life without her would be unbearable. I love it when strong, alpha men can admit how they feel. They can show their emotions to the women they love. They’re not afraid to show the women they love how the feel. That’s a true Alpha male to me.

The suspense and tension of Becca’s life being danger added an extra element to this story. The tension from that wasn’t as ramped up as I’ve seen in other stories, but it worked with this one. Any more tension from the threat would have been too much.

Mmmmm…..back to the hot Navy SEAL…….Mmmmmmm……

A copy of this book was provided by the Publisher via NetGalley.