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Give Me Romance

Selling Out - Amber Lin Shelly Laurent is high priced call girl. She’s decided to get out the life and start over. But she can’t get out. Her pimp keeps pulling her back in. At the latest party her pimp has sent her to, she finds “Ella”. Ella doesn’t want to be a working girl. Shelly sets out to help her.

Shelly takes “Ella” the only place she can think to take her Detective Luke Cameron’s. While there she overhears him talking about bringing her in. Come to find out, all the men at the party she was at were killed and she and Ella are the prime suspects.

They run. Shelly does some investigating and finds out things are not as she thought.

I really wanted to like this story. I liked the first one and was looking forward to getting Shelly’s story. But the reality of the story didn’t live up to what I was looking for.

The story was a lot of exposition from Shelly on her life and what she wanted or what she thought she wanted. It was very difficult to get into it.

The ending was awesome. Full of action and Luke and Shelly fighting for each other. I loved Luke! He was awesome. He saw through Shelly’s defenses and just waited her out. He wasn’t what I thought. He was more. He was better. Shelly was very difficult for me to connect with.

I’m hoping there are more in this series. I like the idea of it and I really want to read more.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher vie NetGalley.