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Crescent Bound (Crescent Bound, #1) - Karli Rush This was a fun read. In some ways it was different from other witch stories I've read and it brought some refreshing looks at witches.

Alyssa is a fire elemental witch. This means she can control fire. As a witch, she will live a VERY long time. For that reason, witches do not mate with humans. They would end up watching their mates die.

Alyssa goes to a human school until graduation. All witches do this, so they learn to deal in a hostile environment. I found that interesting. While there, she meets Marc, an ex-football player. They have a connection, but he's human, so it can't be. Then Alyssa finds out, he's not human, he's a witch. He's a witch from a coven everyone thought had died out. Once he meets Alyssa, he gains his powers.

Things are not all roses for them. They have some pretty serious hurdles to overcome. They're pretty daunting obstacles. I liked the drama and conflict in their story. It really added something to the story.

There were only a couple of things that didn't really work for me. The first thing was it was never explained how Marc knew how to do the binding spell. Since he had been only in the human world for all his life, how did he know how to do the binding spell. That was never fully explained.

The other thing that didn't work for me was the dream realm. I felt that was dragged out and I found myself wishing it would end.

Overall, this was an amazing book and I can't wait to read the rest in the series!