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Give Me Romance

911 - Chris Owen 911 is the loving and touching story of three men who fall in love with each other. We start out with Drew meeting Scott in the hospital. Scott is a resident working on his M.D. Drew is a firefighter who ended up in the hospital to be checked out after one of his calls.

Scott and Drew end up talking to each other and Scott moves in with Drew (as a room mate). Drew needs help with rent and bills. Scott needs a place closer to the hospital and NOT with his parents.

After months of skirting the issue, they finally end up together. Things are going really well for them and life is good. After a while Scott worries about Drew since Scott is hardly ever home at the same time as Drew. Scott worries that Drew is lonely.

Enter Eric. Eric is an EMT and he’s looking for a cheap place to rent. He moves in with Scott and Drew. Eric is attracted to both of them. They are both attracted to Eric. Before long, they end up together in a three way relationship.

Problems arise with Scott and Drew’s parents. Then Drew ends up hurt and it all stresses their relationship.

This was an OK story. I really liked the premise and was looking forward to it. It started out really hot and I was enjoying their interactions.

My biggest problems with this story: I felt like it was one big sex fest. I had a hard time connecting with the characters because I felt like they only had sex. There weren’t any issues for them to work through and there was minimal talking with them. We did get Eric’s background and we got some of Scott’s but we didn’t get any of Drew’s. It felt flat to me. The characters were flat.

Also, there was no jealousy when Eric entered the relationship. There was some insecurity with Eric when Drew got hurt, but other than that, there was none. It just seemed unrealistic that three people could move that easily into a three way when none of them had been raised with those belief. It was too easy. Too accepting. There was no jealousy, no insecurity.

My favorite things: Scott and Drew’s parents were very realistic to me. I thought their issues with the lifestyle the men were living was realistic and unfortunately the reality for many people who are gay. I felt this was especially true when the found out Eric was part of it as well. I liked how Drew’s medical issues were dealt with. His problem is all too real and difficult to work through. I felt that was handled wonderfully.