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Give Me Romance

Sleeping With the Wolf: After the Crash, Book One - Maddy Barone This was pretty interesting. Lisa's plane has crashed 50 years in the future. Things are not like they used to be. There are no cars, no electricity, no cell phones, no computers and horrors of all horrors.....NO INTERNET!

Taye is a shapeshifting wolf and wins Lisa in a Bride Fight. What happens next is Lisa's adjustment ot a new world order. As well as Taye's adjustment to having a strong independent woman who wasn't raised in this new world order.

I liked this book. It was interesting. Only one thing really confused me. If women are so scarce, where did all the men come from? There seemed to be quite a few men that were younger than 50 years. I guess they were the children on women who were babies or young children 50 years ago.

Can't wait to read the rest of them!