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Give Me Romance

Sunset Hearts (The American Heroes Collection: Florida) - Macy Largo This was a pretty good erotic menage story. Daphne is dating a mobster. She sees him kill someone and over hears him planning to kill her. So, she slips overboard and swims to shore. Alan finds her when he's out fishing and decides to help her. Jerald, Alan's boyfriend, isn't too happy with that.

Over time, they fall in love with each other. When Daphne's life is threatened, Jerlad sends her into protective custody and everything falls apart.

I really liked this story. Alan's motivation behind helping Daphne was wonderful and made perfect sense. I like that Jerald didn't automatically fall for Daphne. He didn't trust her at first. The way their relationship grew was awesome!

Jerald had a hard time being "out" with Alan. He admitted he was gay, but public displays of affection were hard for him. For this reason, I found it a little hard to swallow that he was immediately OK with a menage relationship.

Daphne also got on my nerves at the end. When Alan was shot trying to protect her, she still resisted protective custody. I found that extremely selfish of her. The way Jerald handled it was extremely heavy handed. I understand her being hurt by his methods. Her throwing a temper tantrum though was a bit much.

Overall a good story!