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Fated - Rebecca Zanetti I have to admit, I read these out of order. This is actually the second Dark Protectors book I've read. The first one I read was so good I decided to go back to the beginning. I have not been disappointed. It's just as good as the other one.

It was really nice reading the first one. See how it all began. It's made me want to read the others even more now.

This one starts out with a bang. Right off the bat, we've got some action (fighting action). Not long after that we get some bedroom action and boy is it hot!

Cara isn't a weakling by any stretch of the imagination. She's strong, willful and not going down without a fight. Talen is alpha male dominant and determined to get Cara to submit to him. The battle of wills begins.

There were several hints of some spanking and tying up, but it never came to fruition, much to my chagrin. I would have liked to have seen that.

The battle of the wills was awesome. I loved that Cara didn't just roll over. She did so many things that went against her nature to protect her daughter. Her daughter always came first. I think she would have run far and fast if if hadn't been for Janie.

On to the next one!