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Rat Bastard

Every single one of those names fit Julian King. He is the ultimate Rat Bastard.

Julian King and Heaven Deville are both hotshot attorneys at the same law firm. They go head to head over everything and will do anything to win. When they’re both up for partner, things get even more intense.

Julian’s sexcapades are legendary. He’s a manwhore of the highest order. Anyplace, anytime, any woman, just not the same woman twice.

Heaven does everything she can to downplay her looks. She wants to be taken seriously and has a no-nonsense way about her.

So, what happens when Julian catches Heaven breaking into his office and stealing his proposal for partner? He blackmails her. For 30 days she has to do ANYTHING he says. That’s right folks….ANYTHING!

Heaven, at 26 years old is still a virgin. Yep. A virgin. When Julian finds out Heaven is still a virgin, he still insists on the ANYTHING rule. So, yep, he takes her virginity.

Every single time Heaven says no to something, he punishes her. He threatens to out her to the law firm for breaking and entering. No matter how badly Heaven doesn’t want to do something, she has to. Julian would ruin her otherwise. Everything Heaven has worked for will go down the tubes. What choice does she have? NONE! Throughout all of this, he’s mean to her one minute and sweet the next. Talk about whiplash!

Julian changes everything about Heaven. He changes the way she dresses. Makes her walk around his house naked, insists on sex in the office, in the car, outside, anywhere and everywhere. This just goes against everything Heaven is. (Yes, she has a valid reason for being like this, I’m just not telling what it is.)

After forcing her to strip naked outside and then walk into the house he says to her:

You should never lower your head; you have nothing to feel shame for. You are the most beautiful thing out here, even the trees would bend in admiration for you if they could.


Two minutes later, right back to rat bastard!

Even though Heaven was forced to participate in all of this, she still gave Julian grief. My favorite quote from Heaven:

I hope you trip over a tree branch and break your mouth.

Another swoon worthy moment from Julian:

I need you to see what I see; I want you to know your worth. You hide your beauty away like it’s a deformity.

Over time Julian and Heaven develop feelings for each other. He does have his moments. When Heaven’s life is endangered Julian does everything he can to keep her safe. The question is, will Julian and Heaven realize how much they mean to each other before it’s too late? Before Heaven is gone forever?

I absolutely loved this book. At one point I did get a little irritated because it seemed to be the same thing over and over.

Julian: Do this
Heaven: No
Julian: I’ll rat you out to the firm
Heaven: Ok. I’ll do it

About the time I was getting irritated with the repetition, it changed. The story changed. Their relationship changed.

What really did it for me in the story was the last few chapters. The mystery, the dark shadow, the secrets, the kidnapping, all lead up to a fantastic ending.

Just remember….everytime you see the name Julian in this book, just replace it with Rat Bastard and you’ll be fine!