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Give Me Romance

Forever in One Second - Finn Marlowe Forever in One Second is the story of Dane and Court.

Court is an EMT who saves Dane. Not just by finding Dane after a tornado, he saved Dane using his healing powers. Dane is enamored with Court. Turns out they were childhood friends and after years of living elsewhere Court is back, just in time to save Dane.

Dane is tenacious is going after what he wants and he wants Court. Court doesn't feel like he deserves anything good. He's been through so much and carries around tons of guilt.

This was a pretty good story about two men finding their way. Dane is hot and his pursuit of Court is sing-minded and sweet. He refuses to let Court spiral into depression or self-pity. Dane is definitely what Court needs.

Dane's mom is awesome! We should all be so lucky to have a mom like her.