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Give Me Romance

Entice (Exquisite, #2) - Ella Frank Entice is the second book in the Exquisite Series and OMG! I LOVED it! Shelly Monroe has definite ideas about who she should and shouldn't date. When she meets Josh Daniels or Delicious Daniels, she puts him firmly in the shouldn't category. But being in the shouldn't date category doesn't mean she can't have wild, no strings attached sex with him. So, Shelly proposes a deal with DD (Delicious Daniels). DD agrees and the no-strings wild sex begins!

What neither of them planned was to fall for each other. When DD puts it on the line, Shelly retreats. Then when DD's ex-girlfriend shows up, she runs. For the hills. Burning rubber. Shelly misses DD but refuses to call him or contact him, until one drunk night. That changes everything for DD. He now has a plan.

This was an amazing story. Shelly has so much baggage, it's a wonder she can walk. But, facing her demons and her parents releases those demons so that Shelly can move on. She's heartbroken because DD is waging a silent war. He wants Shelly and he'll wait for her. But she has to do it on her own. He won't take her until she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask for it.

I love how DD brought Shelly around. No pressure to be something she wasn't ready to be. He just made her realize that she needed and wanted him for always. The transformation in Shelly was amazing. My heart broke for her as she came to terms with her parent's relationship and how it affected her. I love how Josh wasn't willing to take any crap from Shelly.

All around, an amazing book. Now, the set up for the next book, Edible! OMG! Let me run out and read it NOW!