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Give Me Romance

Axel (Corps Security, #1) - Harper Sloan I'm so conflicted. Conflicted about several things. So, why am I conflicted?

Well...the story is great! This is a great story about love lost and found. it was heart-breaking! At the same time it was refreshing as it shows that no matter what, there are those that will stand by us. Lift us up and help us through the dark days.

It was also heart-breaking because it also shows how some people are so mean and vindictive that they will destroy those around them.

The story of Axel and Izzy is wonderful. They're an amazing couple. True love at it's best. The story of how they came not be together and what happened to them will rip you to shreds.

So, where is the conflict for me about the story? I got completely frustrated with Izzy. Axel wanted to talk, but Izzy kept running from him. I couldn't figure out why she was running from him. She thought he was dead. She finds out he's alive and she won't talk to him. She runs. She refuses to tell him what happened. If anyone had a right to feel like that, it was Axel. That confused me and irritated me.

I also wanted to see more from the ex-husband. That seemed a little weak to me. It seems he was only brought in to ramp up the tension a bit, but I didn't feel it was really part of the story.

Greg was an amazing secondary character. We should all have a Greg in our lives!