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FrankenDom - Robin L. Rotham Frankendom was a bit of a stretch for me on my boundaries. There are definitely some things going on in this book that made me sit up and wonder about. A few of them even made me slightly uncomfortable. But then, that not a bad thing.

We need those things to keep us on our toes and our minds open!

I totally get the name of the book and I think it's perfect! The word play used by Robin in this book was great! I was actually giggling through quite a bit of it because of the word play!

The romance was awesome. I did find the dynamics interesting between Julian, Colin and Rachel. I was also a bit creeped out by some of the things Julian did. But those creep things just added to the story. I mean he is the Frankendom!

Now, Colin was interesting in and of himself. I found myself not liking him for part of the book, but by the end he won me over completely. I was enamored of him!