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Caught by Menace (Grabbed, #2) - Lolita Lopez image

So, this is the second in the series. Once again, we start off with a bang and it just gets better!

Menace decides to enter the Grab. He spots Naya, which he’s run into before, and they recognize each other. Naya is the grab along with her friend Jennie. Naya bribed her way in so she could stay with Jennie. Instead Naya ends up being grabbed by Menace.

Naya is anything but sweet and docile. She can blister a hardened soldier’s ears all while plotting her escape. She fast, she’s smart, and she’s not giving up!

Menace is determined to make things work with Naya. He plots out a mission plan to win her over, and Menace never fails at a mission!

In the first book, we learned a little bit about the cultural difference between the Sky Warriors and the women they’ve grabbed. In this one, we get even more explanation of those differences and how it affects their relationships. We learn why the Sky Warriors are so into the BDSM scene. We learn why the women are more inhibited sexually. We learn why the Sky Warrior have such terrifying names. We learn so many wonderful things in this one, it actually enhances the first book as well. I happened to read these back to back so it impacted me more.

We also get into a sub-plot that seems like it may be an underlying plot through the series. At least I hope it does. It really added something to this story.

Both Naya and Hallie, from the first one, had things to hide. Things they thought their Sky Warriors wouldn’t understand. Things they thought the Warriors would shun them for. These were amazing men who took care of their women.

Now, while Menace is similar to Vicious in what he was expecting from his mate he grabbed, his story was not the same a Vicious. They were both kind, patient and understanding with their women. However, how they handled that and how they went about winning the trust of their women was a little different. Also, what Menace and Vicious expected in the bedroom was different. What Hallie and Naya wanted was different. This was great because we don’t end up with the same story being told slightly different.

We were introduced to some characters in these books. They are secondary in these books but I’m hoping they’ll be getting their own stories soon. There’s on in particular I can’t wait for. Who’s story you ask? Terror’s! Why you ask? Because he is one grade A asshole and I can’t wait to watch him fall! LOL! It will be sweet when he does! Especially after what he did to both Hallie and Naya. It’s a wonder that neither Vicious or Menace has killed him yet!

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.