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The Viscount's Vow - Collette Cameron image

You know, it’s funny. London in the 1800’s is full of polite society. Act this way, be this way, dress this way. Anything that meet with the standards of polite society are shunned, made fun of, gossiped about, in general, thought to be less than everyone else.

Evangeline suffers from that problem. She’s part Roma, or gypsy. As a result those in polite society gossip about her and call her loose. Even though she’s followed all the rules, the men continue to say she loose and the women are just harridans! It’s awful!

Ian has come to London to avenge the death of his brother and father. He’s been told by his step-mother and sister that Evangeline is responsible for their deaths AND she stole away his sister’s beau. Due to his honor, he ends up married to Evangeline and risking everything to protect her.

In many ways Ian was lovable. While I did love him, I also wanted to smack him on the head! He needed a serious wake-up call. He did get that wake-up call unfortunately it came a bit too late. Part of his lovability was his honor. He wanted to believe in the goodness of others. Part of the reason I wanted to smack him upside the head was his ability to believe in the good of others. That ability to believe in the goodness of others cost both Ian and Evangeline.

Evangeline was an interesting character. Her Roma heritage managed to give her a positive outlook when most of us would have only expected the worst. It also gave her the ability to look at what was going on around her and listen with her heart. Unfortunately it also cost her dearly.

Many lessons can be learned from the characters in this book. Look for the good in others. Watch the actions of others to learn their true intent. Forgive each other. Love with your whole heart.

I really enjoyed this story. Collette Cameron has quickly become one of my favorite historical romance authors!

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.