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Out of Bight, Out of Mind - Tymber Dalton image

Out of Sight, Out of Mind continues the story of Emilia, Aaron, Caph and Ford. They’re once again off into deep space. This time they pick up a new crew member. Emilia does not like this crew member. He creeps her out and she wants nothing to do with him. Unfortunately Aaron, Caph and Ford don’t have the creepy vibe from him. Could be the whole empathy thing!

Sure enough, Emilia is right and they end up in a REALLY bad situation (again). This time Emilia if fighting for her life. Aaron, Caph and Ford are racing to try to save her. They can’t lose another person they love. It would destroy them all.

The tension in this one was intense. I felt for Emilia the entire time. I was on the edge of my seat and couldn’t believe what was going on. I was horrified for Emilia and really wanted to smack Aaron upside the head with a two-by-four!

By the end of the story I was heartbroken for the crew while at the same time I was rejoicing for them. It’s an interesting dynamic. I loved the new species we met. They were probably the most interesting of all we’ve met so far (IMHO).

This series is definitely worth reading! I’m also thrilled to find out that Tymber Dalton is planning at least one more for this series. It’s been great fun following the same characters throughout the series. Watching them grow as a family and individually has been fun. Bring on the next one!