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Give Me Romance

Spider Bight - Tymber Dalton image

Spiderbight picks up right where Bightmares leaves off. This poor crew can’t get a break for anything!

In Spiderbight we get to meet some of the other species that are in space. Their views and how they handle things are very different from us. It creates some problems for the crew and they end up in a pretty bad situation.

While all of the stories in this series are erotic (duh…it’s Tymber Dalton), this one was far more graphic than the others. There were some situations in this one that can easily make some uncomfortable. Boundaries will definitely be stretched in this one. We have dubious-consent and some non-con involved in this one, so be warned!

Even though we meet a new species in this one, the story was pretty straightforward. There wasn’t as much suspense in this one as the others. Even without the suspense, it did provide for some pretty tense moments!