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Love at First Bight - Tymber Dalton image

Ahhh….Science Fiction. I’m a closet nerd and Trekkie! LOL! Add in a hot ménage story with some M/M action and I'M ALL IN!!

It’s the future. Man is exploring deep space. We have a space station, a station on Mars and interstellar treaties with other species. We can travel light years in the blink of an eye.

Love at First Bight introduces us to the main characters of this series. In fact the series sticks with the same characters throughout. They just find themselves in some unique and harrowing situations!

I was hooked on Love at First Bight from the very beginning. The world created by Tymber Dalton was amazing. I was intrigued by the way things work in this world. The open and accepting nature of everyone along with the job benefits available? Oh My! Get ready to want to go to the future!

Aaron, Caph, Ford and Emilia are all loveable and compliment each other so well. They are truly meant to be together. At one point in this book I was crying crocodile tears. I was so into the story and the characters meant so much to me. I was ready to throw my e-reader across the room! I couldn’t believe this was happening! Then the twist came. OMFG! Really? It was a phenomenal twist and made the story that much better!