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Forever Broken - Evangeline Anderson It's a familiar tale. It's the Montagues and Capulets. It's the Sharks and the jets.

The difference this time? It's two men. One is a vampire and one is a shapeshifter (wolf). They're two kind hate each other. But one touch and the vamp knows he's met his heart's blood.

I liked this story. It was interesting. It wasn't just they're from two different worlds creating the problem. They each had problems in their own world that compounded the problem. They had to fight through those personal problem as well as the problems between their worlds.

Nothing worth having is ever easy and that's true in this case as well.

Evangeline Anderson did a great job of building a paranormal world that lived inside the real world. I liked her take on both the vamps and shifters. They're were some common themes to those two species that kept it within the norm for the reader without being just like every other story. There were some unique traits to both her vamps and shifters. That made it more interesting for me.