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Give Me Romance

Stoneface - Tymber Dalton Tymber Dalton always seems to suck me and get me good! I was looking for a hot MMF menage and boy did I find it!

I did find it amusing that the female MC is an erotica author who writes about menage! I wonder how much of her is Tymber herself? Hmmmm..... And the one of the male MC's is a book store owner who writes reviews for his blog! I LOVED it!

I loved this story. We had so many things going on that is stays interesting from beginning to end but not so many as to confuse the story or the reader.

The secondary characters added a nice touch to the story. They all things going on as well and they did affect the MC's. Because we all know, when it rains it pours. We never get just one problem at a time. They all come down at once on us! Same things for these guys.

I will admit I thought Jack was a jerk. Granted, his emotional baggage was harsher than the others and he needed to face his demons. But he was still a jerk! I loved the way Tim handled Jack. He kept right on loving Jack even though Jack needed his ass kicked!

Gwen was awesome. I loved watching her and her brother learn to finally stand up to their parents. That's hard. No matter how old you are, they are your parents. It's hard to stand up to them.

But, once again Tymber Dalton made me cry. I'm telling you, invest in Kleenex. At the rate I read her books, you'll make a fortune!