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Queen (Mistress & Master of Restraint, #5-7) - Erica Chilson So, this is a combination of all three book reviews: Let me start by saying this entire series is a mindfuck. This particular story of Regina will leave you ripped apart. Fair warning!


I'm not one to use gifs or pictures in my reviews but this one definitely rates one. This is me when I finished reading Jaded! I was floored, dumbfounded, gobsmacked, and left with my mouth hanging open. On the inside I was screaming, but on the outside I was well....


This book does so many things. It sheds light on others involved in this whole sordid mess they call life. It give me compassion for those I previously had none. It sheds light on so many things and it leaves you reeling.

Regina or Queen as she has been named had a rough life. But, she was pulling her way out of the slums and doing everything she could to make better future for herself. Then the prick, aka Daniel Whittenhower I, steps in and it all goes to shit. How one person could wreak so much havoc on innocent people is beyond me. And it's not limited to people he doesn't know, he does it to his own children, his own flesh and blood.

Regina is strong because she has to be. To be anything else, would be a travesty. She would fall apart and shatter and never recover. How anyone could survive what she's been through is unknown to me.

I can't say anything else because it will give away the story. But to say I was reeling is an understatement. Erica Chilson has created some of the most loveable and f**ed up characters I've ever seen. Jaded does so many things for us. It gives us history on Queen, it brings the other stories full circle, and it gives us compassion for those we thought didn't deserve it. The sins of the father are visited upon the children and in this case, the sins of the father are visited upon everyone he touches.

I can't wait to see how the rest of this plays out. It's all so messed up but you can't stop reading. It's compelling as only Erica Chilson can bring and how can you NOT find out. I'm hard pressed to figure out, who in this series of intertwined stories and books is more messed up. How they didn't all turn out to be serial killers is beyond me. The fact that they can even function in normal society is amazing!

Well done Ms. Chilson.


I will continue my earlier comments on the other books in this series by saying OMFG! This is one f**ked up situation, family, group of people, arrangement, whatever you want to call it! They're manipulative and harsh and in many ways uncaring of who they hurt in the process of getting what they want, consequences be damned!

Poor Regina (Queen) has almost no control over any aspect of her life. Every time she thinks she gained some semblance of control, it all goes away. That control just gets ripped out from under her and leaves her flat on her face. She sets out to help her friend, who she thought was helping her, only to find out she was betrayed by that friend. But, her friend may not really have a choice, she's as much a pawn as Regina.

The poor children being raised right now are going to be so screwed! They futures aren't looking so bright either. It's all so confusing and yet it's not. I could not imagine going through what Regina has gone through. Her childhood was over before it ever began. In fact, all them lost their innocence and childhood LONG before they should have. I cried through almost this entire book. My heart keeps breaking for Regina. Each time I find out something else, my heart breaks a little more for her. It'll be shattered before long.

Erica Chilson continues to weave an amazing story that will leave you dumbfounded. How she managed to weave these stories together in the way she has is amazing! As read each story and get more information I'm amazed at the level of detail interwoven into each story and storyline. I can see they're all converging for one huge impact, but I have yet to figure out how it'll play out.

With each story I also find new players in the game. There seem to be a few players who have yet to be identified. More were outed in Dalton's story, and more were outed here, but I get the distinct feeling, that not all players have been revealed. I'm wondering if anyone will get their HEA. So far, there is no HEA, not even and HFN. There just an acceptance of things being crappy!

If I'm guessing correctly, the when the final players are revealed, I'll be gobsmacked again.



With every new book in this series, I find something out that changes my entire perspective on the entire series. I feel like I know what's going on, then I read the next book and it all changes. Each new character's perspective changes things. I find my loyalties changing, I find myself forgiving some and blaming others. Then it all changes with the next book.

I'm curious what the end of this series will look like. It's been a wild and bumpy ride. It's emotional, it's crazy, it's a complete and total mindfuck!

Erica Chilson has definitely done it again. I'm eagerly awaiting the next on in the series. I think this one will be the last one, but who knows what she has up her sleeve?

Oh, if you're looking for normal characters with normal problems - go elsewhere. There's not one single normal person in this series! It's AWESOME!

One last thing, up until this book, I hated Marcus. Now, I actually the bastard!