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Exceeding Boundaries

Exceeding Boundaries - Mia Downing This was a very emotional short story. I really enjoyed it! Megan is a lawyer facing some pretty hefty emotional demons. Adam has his own demons and lets the office think he's man-whore to keep the women at bay. Megan decides to use Adam to help her get over some of her own demons.

Adam really like Megan and decides to let her have her way.....for now. He's a Dom and an Alpha Male and will get his way.

Adam and Megan heal each other and learn to love again.

Megan's discovery that she is submissive was enjoyable and heartbreaking to watch. My heart went out to her.

I understand where Adam is coming from in demanding she let her past go, and I agree with him. I did kind of feel like he was a bit of an ass when it came to her demons. He demanded she let hers go because he couldn't carry her demons and his. It's not always that easy and sometimes it takes a little time with the right person for those demons to go away.

The BDSM was very light in this story. But I think anything heavier than what it was would have killed the story. Megan couldn't have handled anything more than that.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.