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Baring It All (Short Story): A Loveswept Historical Romance

Baring It All (Short Story): A Loveswept Historical Romance - Megan Frampton This review will appear at Romantic Historical Lovers

Baring it All is the short story of Christian and Victoria. They’re betrothed but lacking in the passion department. Christian has decided that passion is a distraction, so he plans to compartmentalize his life and passion does not belong in his marriage.

Victoria has loved Christian for years. But not matter what, she wants passion her life. She has a plan to see if passion can exist between her and Christian. If there can’t be any passion, she’ll not marry him. She would rather be alone and without the man she loves, than have a passion less marriage.

Victoria is risking it all in order to find out if they have what it takes to have a passion filled marriage. She’s risking scandal, disgrace, and her future. All to find out if there’s passion.

This is a short story, but definitely intriguing. Christian is more of a scholar than anything. He’s always stuck in books and philosophy. He barely notices things around him. Victoria is very observant. She understand Christian, but at the same time she wants more from him. She’s definitely a risk taker!

It’s a fabulous story and well worth the time to read!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.